Who we are 
Cambridge Global Partners (CGP) is an international strategy and business consultancy founded by a group of University of Cambridge alumni and associated world class experts. 
Our partners and associates comes from remarkable cultural and educational backgrounds; having worked with Fortune 50 multi-nationals, governments, academia, think tanks, start-ups, venture capitalists companies on four continents. We provide independent regulatory, technical, financial, and commercial advisory to our clients. From our offices in the North America, Europe, India and Australia, we help our clients manage assets and operations, provide strategic inputs, mitigate risk and maximize return on investments. 

The most comprehensive book on Entrepreneurship written by world's top 14 authors and edited by Steven D. Strauss (coloumnist USA Today)
Chapter 2: "The Entrepreneurial Technology Transformation", Dr Nikhil Agarwal
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Dr Nikhil Agarwal's interview on Entrepreneurship and growth is featured in Forbes magazine. 

........But, to borrow a sentiment from George Orwell’s famous satire, Animal Farm, all entrepreneurs are equal, but some are more equal than others........

........In a high growth economy where lot of things happens with hit-and-trial you may not want to wait longer. The longer waiting period may kill your business idea, or somebody else may come up with something similar. Just take the mantel and do it........... http://t.co/u5enulCG

Seven Powerful reasons that have helped hundreds of clients


  1. Industry experience across demographies: We have over 75 years of collective experience working on four continents in various industries and verticals
  2. Powerful global network: We can leverage our experience to meet the unique development needs of your organization -- by prioritizing its needs, providing best-in-class management expertise and accessing our powerful global network of world-class experts
  3. Diverse know-how: We work with entrepreneurs, startups, advanced eCommerce corporations, family businesses, government organizations, NGOs and academic institutions to achieve a sustainable business edge
  4. Unique approach: CGP’s approach is based on the sound fundamentals of business strategy, transformation and corporate innovation. Measurable success and quick turnaround are our forte
  5. Customer centricity: We trust our customers and their businesses. The mutual circle of trust expands into powerful ideas and solutions. Customer centricity coupled with successful execution establish respected, strong organizations 
  6. Operational expertise: Our experts run successful and profitable businesses on different continents for many years. Our ground level yet global working experience can help you in providing the excellence to your operations
  7. Your profitability is our goal.

CGP opens new office in Singapore

CGP achieved a milestone by opening its new office in Singapore. The Singapore office will provide support to other offices in East Asia. We are proud to welcome L C Seet as part of CGP team, who would be heading the Singapore operations. Dr Seet is former Professor of NTU and Managing Director of GlaxoWellcome in China.

Dr Seet, welcome to the team.